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Make your image-based content searchable

Did you know that more than twenty percent of the documents in a content repository are "obscured" to search technology? This content is unfindable because image-based files (faxes, PDFs, scanned documents, emails with image-based attachments) are not text-based and cannot be indexed. If your organization needs to produce documents on demand for business requirements or regulatory compliance, the inability to locate pertinent content within image-based documents exposes you to unnecessary risks.

OpenText Image Crawler for eDOCS runs within your content repository to automatically assess documents and add a layer of text to every image-based document. By ensuring image-based files are indexed, Image Crawler effectively eliminates productivity lost due to searching for misfiled documents or trying to find contextual clues to locate them.

View the on demand webinar with OpenText eDOCS experts Steve Quincy, Sr. Solutions Consultant, and Larry Roy, Sr. Director of Product Management, and discover how Image Crawler can help you leverage your eDOCS investment by:

  • Ensuring all image-based documents are 100% searchable and simplifying their management
  • Reducing non-compliance risks and costs of managing OCR technology
  • Capitalizing on your current investment in OpenText eDOCS DM


Watch the webinar on demand

Discover How to Make Your Scanned Images Searchable with OpenText Image Crawler for eDOCS