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Protect against internal data breaches

Data breaches and cybersecurity threats targeting law firms and corporate law departments are a major challenge facing legal professionals and their IT counterparts. As custodians of sensitive and high-value information, legal professionals hold troves of confidential, sensitive and privileged information, including strategic plans, IP, employment contracts, customer information, privileged communications, NPI, PII and other sensitive data.

Organizations have ethical, legal and regulatory compliance obligations to protect sensitive information. While most organizations focus on outside security threats, internal threats represent the growing majority of threats and remain overlooked.

Download this white paper to learn how security-savvy law firms and corporate legal departments are bolstering security postures, going beyond the device level to secure content at the document level. Key topics include:

  • The nature of security threats and insider threats
  • Applicable industry rules and regulations governing data security, including the obligations lawyers have to protect content
  • Recent guidance from the courts
  • Best practices for security measures that allow organizations to promptly detect threats, including insider threats, escalate warnings and eliminate access at the document level when a breach is detected

Learn how OpenText eDOCS Defense, a new add-on module for OpenText eDOCS, addresses the gap left by device level encryption with two new layers of protection.

eDOCS Defense white paper: The threat from within:How law firms and corporate legaldepartments arebolstering security postures to protect sensitive data

Read the eDOCS Defense white paper

The threat from within: How law firms and corporate legal departments are bolstering security postures to protect sensitive data