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Will 2020 be the turning point in legal operations?

Trends in corporate legal operations – latest survey

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Did you know that 94 percent of legal operations professionals cite data security as a top concern? 1

Learn about the latest trends in addressing growing data security threats head-on, the increasing use of legal technology and artificial intelligence, how legal departments handle critical information management processes and more in the latest legal operations report.

For the past four years, leading industry analyst Ari Kaplan has interviewed legal operations professionals, representing hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies, to identify and analyze top concerns and trends happening across the legal industry.

The latest findings reveal new directions in how modern law departments address critical legal information management processes.

Get the Next-generation legal operations: Trends fueling law department growth and influence, to learn:

  • The top information security priorities for legal departments
  • Why legal is taking over control of eDiscovery vendors and processes
  • The growing spend on artificial intelligence tools and in various areas of legal work
  • The increasing adoption of cloud services
  • Metrics and analytics used to improve decision-making
Next Generation Legal Operations: Trends Fueling Law Department Growth and Influence
  • 100% Believe that in influence of legal operations has grown over the past few years.
  • 83% Plan to increase spend on AI solutions to increase review efficiency.
  • 69%Say moving to the cloud is a key initiative to optimize operations.

1 OpenText™ Corporate Legal Survey, 2019

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Next-generation legal operations: Trends fueling law department growth and influence