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The legal operations tipping point

How new technology and shifts in law department management are transforming the industry

The role of corporate legal operations is evolving—and fast. It now supports not only core legal functions, such as eDiscovery, but also addresses other legal concerns, such as security and document management.

For the past four years, leading Industry Analyst Ari Kaplan has dug deep to assess this transformation. He recently surveyed 35 legal operations leaders from Fortune 1000 companies to uncover how modern law departments approach eDiscovery. Get the survey findings in the new 2018 report, and gain insights into piloting new legal technology, executing strategic initiatives and helping senior leadership navigate the change.

Download the new report, The legal operations tipping point, to get the 2018 corporate legal ops survey results and learn:

  • The legal operations tipping point imageWhat metrics leaders are using to strengthen legal operations and justify resource allocations.
  • How core functions, such as eDiscovery, are changing with new technologies and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Why corporate legal departments are moving to the cloud…and how soon they will invest in new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • What to expect in the next year in audits, migration, and integrations.
  • 66% believe that
    spending on AI solutions
    will increase in 2019
  • 91% have
    data security
  • 74%say they would benefit
    from connecting eDiscovery
    and Enterprise Content Management

Learn how new technology and shifts are shaping the industry. Obtain the results of the 2018 corporate legal ops survey in The legal operations tipping point.

Download the report

The legal operations tipping point