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It's time to retire legacy applications

For many organizations, retiring legacy applications has become imperative for several reasons. First, these outdated systems are expensive to maintain. They also present a significant risk–even more so with increasing data regulations and security threats.

Read the Gartner report How to Address Data Retention and Application Retirement to learn how to:

  • Identify the scenarios to keep or replace legacy applications.
  • Implement the right policies, processes and technology for decommissioning.
  • Integrate GDPR responsiveness into application retirement planning.

By 2022, 80% of organizations affected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that do not engage in application retirement will be fined for non-compliance.1

While organizations need to eliminate the burden of managing dated legacy systems, they still need to retain and access all the valuable data within them in a secure, compliant manner. How can organizations achieve this efficiently and cost-effectively? By ingesting and storing the data with OpenText™ InfoArchive, a centralized, secure and scalable archive solution.

By decommissioning legacy applications, organizations can lower IT costs, preserve compliance and address GDPR, meet records retention requirements and improve access management. In addition, organizations have greater insight into critical data and content. Learn how, read the Gartner report.

Watch the video, to see how solutions such as InfoArchive help successfully overcome the challenges with legacy applications.


1 Garth Landers, Stefan Van Der Zijdente. Gartner report "How to Address Data Retention and Application Retirement".

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How to Address Data Retention and Application Retirement

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How to Address Data Retention and Application Retirement

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