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Evolve Your Business with Content in the Cloud

Content Suite in the Cloud

In today’s digital world, content is currency and having the ability to put that content to work can drive your success. To maximize the value of content, you need an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution that enables your organization to share, collaborate, analyze and make decisions with content while mitigating risk through governance, compliance, and security.

However, deploying an ECM solution can be a large undertaking and many organizations struggle with the implementation while balancing their business needs with hardware and user requirements.

To reduce the complexity and costs of an on-premises deployment, many organizations are deploying ECM in the Cloud. It eliminates the need for investment in infrastructure and frees up your expert IT staff so you can shift your own IT to revenue and value generating activities.

However, moving to the cloud can create concerns about security, the ability to customize the solution and integration with other enterprise applications.

Get the best of both worlds. The OpenText Content Suite Platform, Cloud Edition combines cloud operational efficiencies with on-premises flexibility and configurability. Our ECM experts created a centralized repository of organized business content that is managed in the OpenText Cloud and is accessible from anywhere at any time. And unlike other cloud platforms, the OpenText Cloud provides an enterprise-class infrastructure promoting security, compliance and governance.

Download the Executive Brief, "OpenText Content Suite Platform, Cloud Edition", to learn how your organization can benefit by moving your content management to the cloud.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Accelerate and simplify ECM implementation
  • Reduce IT and administrative costs
  • Maximize the value of your content



OpenText Content Suite Platform, Cloud Edition