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Get it together: Integrate and manage data from multiple sources

Poor data integration leads to inefficiencies in operations and drives up costs

According to a recent IDG survey 91 percent of senior business and IT respondents said, the ability to integrate data from any source is critical to an organization achieving its strategic goals.1

Download the IDG Market Pulse white paper, Leveraging Data Integration for Strategic Advantage, to learn what senior decision makers, in organizations with 500 or more employees, feel are the:

  • Primary challenges with respect to data integration
  • Advantages of managed services for data integration
  • Value gains of utilizing a partner for data integration and management

Inflexible legacy IT infrastructures can impede data integration efforts. In response, organizations are deploying a wide range of data integration tools and solutions, with nearly one in five organizations reporting the use of 10 or more—a recipe for confusion and chaos.2 Meanwhile, 40 percent rated their organization’s ability to complete a data integration project on time as only fair or poor.3

Learn how cloud technology, integration platform as-a-service, a managed-service approach and the right partner bring the skills and tools necessary to integrate and manage digital data from multiple sources, avoiding costly project delays and failures.


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Download the white paper