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OpenText’s commitment to customers and partners during COVID-19

Together, we are facing an unprecedented situation. The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting all our families, our businesses and our communities.

While everyone across the world continues to navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19, OpenText is committed to supporting your business throughout the course of this pandemic and to provide continuity of service at all times. We have you covered, and we will work 24x7 to ensure we meet your changing needs by fully leveraging the OpenText Cloud, all our digital channels and our software and global expertise.

We realize in this time of crisis it is important for you to rely on and trust your strategic partners such as OpenText, and we are here to respond rapidly to your unique and changing needs. OpenText has been in business for almost 30 years delivering mission critical solutions on a global basis and across industries.

We are helping ensure supply chains and retailers are delivering essential goods, pharmaceutical companies are conducting research, hospitals are managing resources, doctors and patients are connected, airlines are safe, banks are providing funds, cyber criminals are stopped and transportation systems are moving goods, along with many other critical functions.

The OpenText leadership is meeting continuously to assess and respond to the crisis as it evolves, adjusting as required, and keeping the health and safety of those impacted front of mind. Following the guidance of the World Health Organization, we activated our business continuity and pandemic plans early on, to ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers, while continuing to provide the same quality of service.

We all need to do our part in “flattening the curve”, leading and learning new ways to work, and accelerating the transformation of work to digital and mobility. Most OpenText employees are now working remotely, using our own tools to ensure that we remain connected to each other and our customers. OpenText is working hard and smart to ensure we are exceeding your expectations and doing so safely and responsibly.

Our hearts go out to all those impacted. Our thoughts are especially with those who are sick, we wish you a full recovery. We are also inspired by the healthcare workers who are the first responders and working the front lines to provide need and care to those affected.

Further details on the OpenText response to COVID-19

We’ve brought together more detailed information on how OpenText is responding to COVID-19, answering the most frequently asked questions we’ve received from our customers.

This page will be updated with new information as the situation evolves. However, if you have further questions, please reach out to your Account Executive or your local Support team, and we’ll be happy to answer them.

Our Business Continuity assurance

OpenText has activated its business continuity and pandemic plans in order to ensure uninterrupted operations throughout this event. Our team is well-positioned to respond to this global crisis in real-time and we have resiliency built into our operations to ensure the availability of our critical customer-facing systems. OpenText will maintain our level of service and our responsiveness to requests for assistance.

In developing this plan, we have consulted local third-party medical resources, CDC, and WHO, and we will continue to monitor new developments and will deploy further contingency actions if needed.

Our cloud services commitment

OpenText Cloud remains fully operational and equipped with the needed equipment and supplies. We are committed to meeting our service level agreements for cloud services, and have implemented several precautionary measures to minimize impact including:

  • Data center personnel have been divided into smaller teams and are on standby to provide services around-the-clock, maintaining physical presence on site at each location.
  • Engaging critical vendors and partners to ensure services continue to be provided or are on standby
  • Establishing stricter entry guidelines.

In addition, our NOC and Service Management teams are 100% prepared to maintain continuous service.

Customer service around the clock

As a global business that responds 24x7, we have well tested procedures in place that allow us to shift work from location to location based on dynamic situations.

For example, there are multiple customer support teams that have been divided into primary and back up teams. Back-up teams are not in the same location as primary teams, and all teams have the ability to work from alternate locations.

We also have our OpenText Change team on call in the event that our customers need immediate changes of services. This team is structured to support products and services work to implement both planned and emergency changes around the world at any time of day.

Health and safety for our employees and our communities

Our top priority is protecting the well-being of our employees and customers. Most OpenText employees are now working from home, if their position allows it. We have also suspended international travel and cancelled in-person attendance at all external seminars, workshops, training and conferences until further notice.

By leveraging our suite of collaboration, cloud, content and process technologies to their full extent, OpenText employees have been able to continue supporting customers while working remotely.