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Automate practice area processes and ensure compliance

How can law firms and corporate legal departments streamline business practices, ensure compliance and improve client satisfaction? OpenText™ Core for Legal integrates the power of tried-and-true workflow and process management tools with industry leading Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and collaboration solutions.

Core for Legal helps build repeatable, standardized processes for routine tasks, such as conflict checks, client onboarding and document creation. The processes can be integrated with OpenText eDOCS, the content management platform of choice for legal groups, enabling secure collaboration, sharing and content management from a centralized location.

Four key benefits

Consistent processes generate higher client satisfaction

Legal project management requires heightened attention to detail and standardized processes to mitigate risk and ensure the most accurate work product. Core for Legal helps provide legal teams with repeatable processes for matters and the transparency to ensure that processes are tracked, audited, adhered to and optimized.

Secure data management reduces legal risk

Legal teams handle highly-sensitive corporate and personal data and are subject to strict confidentiality rules. Storing content in unmonitored repositories causes unnecessary risks. Core for Legal stores your content in a secure cloud repository or can be integrated with market leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tools, such as eDOCS, to ensure that legal documents are managed with the required sensitivity.

Efficient information exchange ensures seamless collaboration

Document collaboration is the lifeblood of legal groups but sending sensitive information, such as contract revisions, via email is not only risky but inefficient. Core for Legal hosts all critical documents inside of a secured data management system (DMS) to enable effective collaboration with customizable security.

Increased transparency optimizes legal processes

Gain transparency and visibility into content to understand who is accessing it and what they are doing with it. Core for Legal includes realtime auditing and tracking of onboarding activities with KPIs.

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