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App decommissioning and active archiving:
How to boost your digital transformation journey?

Creating the environment needed to drive digital transformation

The journey to true digital transformation means moving away from the legacy systems of the past. However, the valuable data those systems contain must remain accessible.

85% of data in operational systems is static.1 By decommissioning legacy systems and moving static data into archive storage, businesses can save money, enhance compliance and improve data access and usability.

In this webinar, Gerry Gibney, senior industry strategist, Financial Services, OpenText™, explains the 5 key benefits of OpenText InfoArchive for your digital transformation journey:

  1. Data integrity: Preserve data for future use
  2. Business efficiency: Migrate static data to archive storage to reduce the load on the originating application, and potentially increase its performance
  3. Data confidentiality: Provide controlled end-user access to ensure confidentiality is not compromised
  4. Data accessibility: Provide end-user access to deliver value back to the business
  5. Data compliance: Apply records management policy and controls to facilitate regulatory compliance and data protection, cutting costs and improving profitability and compliance

Download this webinar on demand to learn how active archiving can reduce costs, improve operations and compliance and boost your digital transformation journey.

Leave no application data behind—bring it along for the ride.

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Featured Speaker:

Gerry Gibney

Gerry Gibney
Senior Industry Strategist
Financial Services, OpenText


1 “Database Archiving Remains An Important Part Of Enterprise DBMS Strategy” Forrester Research, Noel Yuhanna.

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