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Empower your users with self-service analytics

Self-Service Analytics for the Business User

When it comes to analyzing data, business users today demand self-service capabilities to help them make faster decisions. They want easy access to their company’s data sources, the flexibility to use local data and to visualize that data in reports and dashboards, without calling IT and without manual effort. To meet these requirements, you need to empower business users with self-service analytics tailored to their needs and appropriate for their skill level.

The OpenText™ Analytics Suite provides self-service Business Intelligence that can be personalized to match the need or skill level of any user. This webinar shows how business users can generate their own insights for making smarter and faster decisions on the fly.

This webinar will show how business users can:

  • Access, blend, and model data
  • Analyze and visualize information
  • Easily create and modify reports and dashboard
  • Share insights with other users

Download the Webinar Recording

Managed Self-Service BI Demo