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Integrate the iHub platform into your IT Architecture

OpenText integrates with iTAC Software to Improve Operations

iTAC Software is the leading systems and solutions provider of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for the entire supply chain. Adding OpenText™ Information Hub, iTAC can produce attractive, compelling visualizations in no time from application data. The iHub platform can be integrated in any IT architecture and takes on the branding and security model of the main application.

Watch this webinar and learn how Peter Bollinger, Chief Executive Officer with iTAC Software, explains how iHub was able to quickly and effectively enhance his company's Manufacturing Execution Systems for the entire supply chain.

Hear from an OpenText customer how iHub provides:

  • Secure integration and analysis of data
  • Enhanced reporting and customization
  • Support of IoT capabilities, enhancing its mobility and cloud functionality
  • Increased transparency - improved internal and external communications through enhanced use of data

Download the Webinar Recording

iTAC Software Helps Manufacturers Improve Operations