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AI-enhanced analytics for payments

Financial Services firms are forging ahead with AI around the globe

Digital disruption has interwoven culture and technology to such an extent, there is no going back. Regardless of your stance on the threats posed by disruption in the Financial Services sector, there is certainty in the facts—inevitable and irreversible change has begun.

What about payments? AI can drive inefficiency out of payments processing, especially manual processes such as exception processing. In transaction banking, AI could improve time to market, product innovation, compliance and customer retention.

AI-enhanced analytics is the next step in payments efficiency. It’s a non-prescriptive framework for deploying analytics capabilities—empowering people with intelligent insight at the point of need.

Gerry Gibney, senior industry strategist at OpenText and resident expert on the Financial Services industry, was recently interviewed on the banking trends and technical needs he discovered at Sibos.

Digital disruption, AI and payments

AI is part of digital disruption and offers the Financial Services industry the potential to:

  • Ensure tasks are automated with results equal to or better than human capability, increasing efficiency and lowering costs.
  • Apply AI to payments, adding value to both banks and corporations by streamlining processes.

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AI enhanced analytics for payments eBook

AI enhanced analytics for payments eBook

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AI-enhanced analytics for payments

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