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Driving innovation in FinServ through digital intelligence

Financial Services firms recognize how technology can improve operations, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. Many are reviewing how to apply artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics to reshape firm from internal operations to customer experience to treasury services and payments.

Analyzing big data stored in internal repositories and warehouses is becoming standard in the industry, but AI–enhanced analytics solutions, such as OpenText™ Magellan™, can also evaluate the unstructured content to unlock the value in repositories of contracts, business plans, proposals and incident reports. These documents often contain more context and valuable insights than structured, transactional data because it is written in natural language and reflects human opinion, intention, emotion and conclusions.

The world’s most successful Financial Services organizations are already considering AI and machine learning to help them address:

  • Compliance, anti-money laundering and fraud detection
  • Payments processing
  • Personalization of customer experiences

Turn all your data—structured and unstructured—into insights for faster, smarter decision-making with OpenText Magellan. Download the solution overview now.

The growing phenomenon of AI in Financial Services

Download the FinExtra research, AI in Financial Services: Next Steps to Realising the Potential to find out how the world’s biggest financial organizations are approaching AI:

    • Discover the most common use cases for AI in Financial Services and the value they bring
    • Gain insight into the drivers and challenges most organizations face when introducing AI capabilities

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What is OpenText Magellan?

Find out everything you need to know about AI-enabled analytics with OpenText Magellan in this quick overview.


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