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AI-driven, cognitive capture with
OpenText Magellan and Captiva

Webinar: How to take document digitization to the next level through AI and enterprise capture

From onboarding employees to opening new accounts to processing invoices, contracts, claims and more, we’ve all experienced roadblocks with document processing, especially when ink signatures are needed. Fortunately, there is an easier way with AI and machine learning-enabled cognitive capture.

OpenText™ has an end-to-end solution that can streamline your document processing operations, from capture to classification and delivery to your back-end systems. In a 20-minute webinar that you can download for anytime listening, you’ll learn best practices for cognitive capture of electronic and hard-copy documents. You’ll see a live example of how simple it can be—by snapping a picture directly from your smartphone. And you’ll learn how text analytics for content recognition allow for instant and intelligent document classification and routing. Meanwhile, they also provide, reports to prove the business value of the solution and 360-degree view dashboards to help you exceed your organization’s requirements and improve your overall standards.

Watch the webinar to discover how this AI-driven, Cognitive Capture solution will improve your business processes and results.

Download the webinar