Data Protection and Security

Today’s cyberattacks are sophisticated. They are dynamic. Insidious. Complex. And difficult to predict.

The rapid acceleration of digitization in the past year has caught many businesses unprepared, exacerbating cyber vulnerabilities. During the pandemic, as the number of off-network endpoints and remote workers skyrocketed, cyberattacks increased by five times. To make matters worse, Deloitte estimates there will be a cybersecurity workforce gap of 1.8M by next year.

Organizations require security and investigative solutions that will amplify the impact of their human experts. We are living in a machine versus machine world, where it is simply beyond human capacity to control, predict and respond to every single cybersecurity threat. Digital technologies—like AI, automation, IoT and cloud computing—facilitate attacks… and are needed to defend against them.

To thwart today’s advanced threats, organizations need up-to-date defenses.

OpenText Security Cloud

OpenText Security Cloud provides peace of mind with best-in-class cybersecurity, data protection, digital forensic and endpoint security solutions for businesses of all sizes. And our digital investigation and cybersecurity solutions enable even global, highly regulated organizations to find and collect complex evidence faster, reduce risk, and detect and respond to cyberthreats remotely.

Why Security Cloud?

  • Discreet agent installed anywhere: Protect against advanced threats with a single, unified and low-impact agent that is invisible to users and installed on anything.
  • Remote remediation and collection: Monitor, remediate and forensically collect data remotely with unrivaled endpoint visibility as well as OS and artifact support.
  • Identify sensitive data: Locate sensitive or regulated information quickly and comprehensively across the entire IT infrastructure, always ensuring data is protected.
  • Actionable threat intelligence: Guard against malicious URLs, IPs, files and mobile apps with accurate and near real-time threat intelligence integrated into network and endpoint protection.
  • Recognized as an industry leader: Partner with the dominant, award-winning voice in security for data protection, endpoint security and forensic investigations, from solutions to 24/7 support.