Modern Work

The modern workforce is unconstrained by time or space. A new cohort of remote workers takes mobility and flexibility for granted. They are fueled by information and thrive on collaboration and connection.

Modern work calls for new tools and new ways of thinking about Information Management. The onus is on organizations to provide a framework for success in this new world. Work environments must be dynamic and fluid. Employees must have simple access to accurate, timely information to do their jobs… wherever they are, whenever they want it, from whatever device they are using. All while ensuring security and compliance.

Isolated content silos have always been a major challenge for organizations. The explosion of remote work has only complicated and intensified this challenge. Information sprawl has hampered productivity as far-flung workers struggle to access the content they need for tasks, collaboration and decision making. With 74% of businesses planning a permanent shift to remote work, organizations need solutions to manage, distribute and use information across the business.

OpenText Content Cloud

The OpenText Content Cloud powers modern work, delivering a suite of solutions with end-to-end content management capabilities—from capture to full lifecycle management to archiving.

It integrates with the systems that produce and consume information, extending enterprise-grade content management deeper into the organization and introducing new levels of access, analysis and automation. It connects content to the digital business, eliminating silos and providing instant, secure and compliant access to both structured and unstructured data—boosting productivity and reducing risk.

Why Content Cloud?

  • Integrate content with process: Seamlessly integrate relevant content into critical business applications, letting users work faster and smarter.
  • Automate the complex: Reduce risk and improve productivity by automating tasks and processes such as information capture, distribution and governance.
  • Solve new needs quickly: Address diverse line of business and industry needs with integrated, out-of-the-box SaaS applications and services.