The Ultimate Cloud

Cloud Editions

It is a cloud-first world, and a cloud-everywhere world. The cloud brings together applications, processes, information, developers, business partners, vendors, customers. It removes barriers and smooths the flow of ideas. It enables agility and drives competitiveness.

The adoption of the cloud is—and will continue to be—critical for success.

Through five specialized clouds, each focused on addressing a key business need, OpenText Cloud Editions delivers the path to the Intelligent, Secure and Connected Business.

The Ultimate Cloud


OpenText Solutions

  • Content Cloud
  • Business Network Cloud
  • Experience Cloud
  • Security Cloud
  • Developer Cloud
  • Advanced Technologies

Content Cloud

Provides the backbone for modern work through seamless integration, robust capture, content management and intelligent automation

  • Content Platforms:
    • Extended ECM, Content Suite, Documentum
  • Capture and Archiving:
    • Intelligent Capture, Core Capture, File Intelligence, InfoArchive
  • Collaboration and Signature:
    • Core Signature, Core Share
  • Viewing and Transformation:
    • Intelligent Viewing, Brava!, Blazon
  • eDiscovery:
    • xcelerate, Insight, Legal Hold, Decisiv
  • Ecosystem Integrations:
    • For SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, SuccessFactors, Oracle, and more
  • Industry Solutions:
    • Life Sciences, eDOCS, Extended ECM for Engineering, Extended ECM for Government
  • And more…

Business Network Cloud

Enables global commerce with a unified integration platform that connects people, systems and things

  • Digital Business Integration:
    • Integration Managed Services, Trading Grid (+Alloy, Lens), Active Applications
  • Supply Chain Optimization:
    • B2B Managed Services, Trading Grid, Active Applications, Vendor Compliance
  • Data Management and Security:
    • Alloy, Protect
  • Identity and Access Management:
    • Supplier, Workforce, and Consumer IAM
  • Industrial IoT:
    • IoT platform, Secure Device Management, Unified Messaging, Actionable Insights
  • And more…

Experience Cloud

Creates engaging customer experiences with an unmatched breadth of capabilities for servicing the entire customer journey, from acquisition to retention

  • Omni Channel Customer Communications (CCM):
    • Exstream, Notifications, Output Server, Output Transformation
  • Digital Asset Management:
    • Media Management, Adaptive Media Delivery, FADEL Rights Management
  • Website Content Management (WCM):
    • TeamSite
  • Customer Analytics, AI and Insights:
    • Core Experience Insights, Explore, Optimost, Magellan
  • Digital Fax and Secure Messaging:
    • Fax2Mail, RightFax, RightFax Connect, XM Fax
  • Process and Collaboration:
    • Hightail, AppWorks, XM SendSecure
  • Voice of Customer and Workforce Optimization:
    • Explore, Qfiniti, CX-E Voice, CX-E TeamQ
  • And more…

Security Cloud

Strengthens cyber resilience with proactive threat protection, digital forensics, and backup and recovery

  • Data Protection for Enterprise:
    • Backup for Microsoft 365, Data Migration, Endpoint Backup
  • Endpoint Detection and Response:
    • EnCase Endpoint Security
  • Digital Investigations and Forensics:
    • EnCase Forensic, Endpoint / Mobile Investigator, Tableau Forensic Hardware
  • Threat Intelligence Services:
    • BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services
  • Information Governance, Risk and Compliance:
    • Managed Security Services, EnCase Endpoint Investigator
  • Cybersecurity for SMB:
    • DNS Protection, Endpoint Security, Security Awareness Training
  • Data Protection for SMB:
    • Backup for Microsoft 365, Critical System Replication, Data Migration, Endpoint Backup, Instant Failover Protection, Server Backup
  • Cybersecurity and Data Protection for Home:
    • SecureAnywhere AntiVirus for Home, VPN Protection, Data Backup
  • And more…

Developer Cloud

Provides Information Management as an API service, allowing developers to create, customize and integrate applications at a lower cost

  • Programmable Cloud
  • Consumption-based Billing
  • API Services:
    • Capture & Digitize
    • Store & Manage
    • Analyze & Report
    • Process & Automate
    • Search & Discover
    • Integrate & Access
    • View & Communicate
    • Protect & Secure
    • IoT Platform
  • Low Code Development and Digital Process Automation:
    • AppWorks
  • And more…

Advanced Technologies

Capture and enrich data to generate insight and power intelligent automation at scale, freeing people's time and accelerating business transformation

  • AI Software Platforms:
    • Magellan
  • Advanced and Predictive Analytics Tools:
    • Magellan Analytics Suite
  • Analytic Data Integration and Integrity Tools:
    • Magellan Integration Center
  • End-User Query, Reporting and Analysis:
    • Magellan Data Discovery, BI & Reporting
  • Model-Driven Applications:
    • Magellan Data Science Notebook
  • Content Analytics Tools and Search Systems:
    • Magellan Content Analytics Suite, Magellan Text Mining, AI-augmented capture, VOC, intelligent recommendations, content advisor
  • Process Mining and Insights:
    • Magellan Text Mining
  • Process-Centric Applications (including Low Code development):
    • AppWorks
  • And more…

One Technology Platform. Four Deployment Options.

Cloud Editions is all about choice. OpenText simultaneously supports hybrid architectures including:

  • Off-cloud: Information Management solutions running in your data center.
  • Private Cloud: Fully-managed Information Management applications delivered on the OpenText global private cloud platform or your preferred cloud environment.
  • Public Cloud: Multi-tenant SaaS Information Management solutions.
  • API Services: The industry’s most capable and advanced tools for developers of Information Management applications for the API economy.
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