Business Network

Global commerce depends on securely connecting supply chains, systems and people to allow for the frictionless exchange of information. Yet only eight percent of organizations have implemented collaborative data exchange capabilities end-to-end throughout their trading partner ecosystem. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic greatly disrupted global supply chain operations across every industry.

There is an urgent need to build more adaptive, sustainable, ethical and compliant trading networks.

To stay competitive, business leaders must make real change within their business models and supply chains. Modern cloud integration solutions provide the necessary foundation for business ecosystems to work and collaborate effectively.

OpenText Business Network Cloud

OpenText Business Network Cloud connects people, processes and technologies for streamlined connectivity, secure collaboration and real-time business intelligence in a single, unified platform.

Organizations can build global and sustainable supply chains, rapidly onboard new trading partners, comply with regional mandates, provide electronic invoicing and eradicate information silos across the extended enterprise.

Why Business Network Cloud?

  • Frictionless information exchange: Connect people, systems and things on a single platform to ease digital business information exchange.
  • End-to-end business visibility: Analyze internal and external information flows using Industrial IoT and advanced data visualization and reporting tools.
  • Unified B2B and A2A integration: Implement a digital backbone to underpin all business-to-business and application-to-application integrations and power future digital transformation.