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Interactive labs

  • Influence future product development at the Innovation Lab

    The Innovation Lab is the test track for our products, applications and solutions. This is your opportunity to evaluate innovative new designs and collaborate with OpenText user experience designers and researchers.

    Innovation Lab
  • Developer Lab

    Meet the engineers at the Developer Lab

    Join our engineers for fun, interactive sessions as our engineers demonstrate how to easily build solutions with OpenText. The lab provides an opportunity to work with and learn more about OpenText technologies.

    You don’t have to be a developer to visit the Developer Lab!

  • Choose self-paced, interactive sessions at the Product Lab

    Join us to get your hands on the latest OpenText products, check out the latest enhancements or walk through scenario-based demos.

    Learn at your own speed in a relaxed atmosphere with no-one looking over your shoulder. Sessions are designed for users with any skill level and, in some cases, no prior product knowledge. Choose a session, open the workbook and the rest is up to you!

    Product Lab