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Digitally capture physical records to preserve important data

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OpenText™ Document Capture Services converts paper, from card size items to engineering drawings, and microfilm/microfiche into electronic images and applies metadata. Using high speed production scanners and OpenText technology, backfile and day forward conversions are performed in a secure, state of the art facility.

How OpenText Document Capture Services can benefit business

  • Reduce storage costs

    Shrink physical storage footprints and lower facilities costs to meet cost reduction pressures.

  • Increase document access and searchability

    Migrating documents to digital formats enables easier discovery and access for multiple users at a time from any location.

  • Preserve knowledge

    Prevent data loss from age deterioration, acidification, fire, water, mold and insect damage on stored paper and microfilm/microfiche.

  • Meet records management and regulatory compliance requirements

    Avoid potential legal and regulatory compliance issues from lost, destroyed or misfiled papers with digitally captured, accessible records.

  • Analyze information

    Apply AI analysis to uncover important patterns and trends in digital records.

  • Improve business automation

    Integrate digital records into automated workflows to improve processes and efficiencies.

  • Free up resources

    Reinvest time and resources into driving activities central to the organization rather than managing physical records.

  • Workplace flexibility

    Remove proximity requirements for physical records to increase remote work efficiency and empower better decisions across staff in different locations.

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