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Documentum Integration with Microsoft

Easily access OpenText Documentum content from Microsoft 365 and Microsoft SharePoint


Simplify access to OpenText Documentum content from Microsoft applications

OpenText™ Documentum™ Integration with Microsoft® solutions allows users to work in familiar applications, such as Microsoft 365® or Microsoft® SharePoint®, while records management and compliance requirements are handled in the background.

How Documentum Integration for Microsoft can benefit business

  • Reduce training and boost satisfaction

    Leverage familiar Microsoft user interfaces to work with content stored in the Documentum repository.

  • Collaborate with confidence

    Add security and controls to protect sensitive data to easily share and collaborate within Microsoft® Teams®.

  • Improve productivity

    Accelerate content searches, provide quick access to business templates and simplify access to content.

  • Ensure compliance

    Adhere to best practices and compliance standards while engaging the productivity capabilities of Microsoft Office.

  • Deploy easily

    Leverage Microsoft’s Office UI Fabric framework and, if desired, deploy remotely via configuration to save time and reduce maintenance efforts.

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