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Hummingbird was a Canadian company founded in 1984. It became known for its flagship Exceed™ product, and evolved as a strong player in the connectivity market. In 1999, it diversified, entering the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market.

In October 2006, OpenText™ acquired Hummingbird. Hummingbird’s enterprise software solutions, including Exceed, enabled the management of the life cycle of enterprise content.

Hummingbird Connectivity Solutions were renamed and rebranded to OpenText and now live under the OpenText Connectivity family.

Rebranded product names

Former name Rebranded name
Connectivity Secure Server OpenText Secure Server
Connectivity Secure Shell OpenText Secure Shell
Connectivity SecureTerm OpenText Secure Terminal
Exceed 3D OpenText Exceed 3D
Exceed OpenText™ Exceed™
Exceed Freedom OpenText Exceed Freedom
Exceed onDemand OpenText Exceed onDemand™
Exceed PowerSuite OpenText Exceed PowerSuite
Exceed XDK OpenText Exceed XDK
Genio OpenText Integration Center
HostExplorer OpenText™ HostExplorer™
Hummingbird SOCKS OpenText SOCKS
NFS Maestro Client OpenText NFS Client
NFS Maestro Gateway OpenText NFS Gateway
NFS Maestro Server Discontinued
NFS Maestro Server Enterprise Edition OpenText NFS Server
NFS Maestro Solo OpenText NFS Solo
OpenText™ Exceed VA TurboX OpenText™ Exceed™ TurboX


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