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Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer efficiently manages digital assets with OpenText. OpenText Media Management provides enterprise-wide Digital Asset Management, streamlining workflow and speeding up processes


  • Replace multiple, inefficient, Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems
  • Avoid wasting time and money by recreating assets that already exist
  • Accelerate processes of reviewing and approving assets, to reduce the time taken to get products to the website


  • Replaces multiple systems with single, enterprise-wide DAM, providing consistent, efficient and cost-effective processes

  • Reduces unnecessary asset recreation, saving time and money

  • Accelerates review and approval of assets, ensuring they can be on the website within 24 hours of creation


Founded in 1884, Marks & Spencer (M&S) has grown into an international, multi-channel retailer, with nearly 1,000 stores in the UK only. The company sells clothing, home products and food sourced from 3,000 global suppliers, with 85,000 employees. Its website alone, receives 8.3 million visits each week.

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After the upgrade to OpenText Media Management v16, we sent out a questionnaire and 98 percent of users gave it a positive rating. The user interface is so clear and intuitive, it really helps our users get our assets to the website in the shortest time.

Beth Cross
Product Owner, Marks & Spencer

As a large retailer, M&S needs to interact with its customers across multiple channels, including web, mobile, tablet, apps, in-store, staff-assisted and phone. To ensure brand consistency and efficiency across these channels and to deliver a consistent customer experience, M&S needs a centralized digital asset repository for imagery and video.

Previously, M&S had multiple Digital Asset Management (DAM) repositories across different departments and functions. With several different DAMs in use, the company struggled to handle its assets effectively.

It was impossible to undertake federated searches, causing asset location to be slow and potentially incomplete. This meant that assets were duplicated, but recreating assets that already existed wasted time and money. The company also had problems with rights management, with no reliable, definitive source to establish if an asset were available for use under the terms of a licensing agreement.

M& lists about 20,000 products, which each have an average of six or seven digital assets, consisting of a product video and multiple photographs. For example, an item of clothing may have full length images and detail shots of pockets, cuffs, or collars.

Working with multiple external agencies and internal departments, M&S sources, reviews, approves and manages up to 2,500 assets per day–meaning that its DAM needs to provide an efficient, easy-to-use solution for its 800 users in the UK and internationally.

As part of a wider, multichannel digital transformation program, M&S looked for a single, enterprise-class DAM.


Following a review of the options available, which involved product demos and getting opinions from a large group of users within the company, M&S chose OpenText™ Media Management as its centralized DAM.

“The business considered a number of options and the usability of the OpenText system and the workflow were definitely strong points,” said Rebecca Chamberlain, product owner at Marks & Spencer.

“OpenText ticked the boxes for key features including bulk upload, amending assets, creative briefs and inputting video,” said Chamberlain. “OpenText offered more of the functionality we wanted, compared to the other systems we looked at.”

Working closely with OpenText, who provided on-site resources, the system was live in just seven months and serving images to in-store screens. Within a year, the OpenText solution was providing images to M&S’s website for all products.


The OpenText system provides a fast, efficient means for submission, review and approval of digital assets and ultimately publication and ongoing management. The system streamlines and accelerates operations by reducing the amount of manual processing needed, due to features such as automated integrations, handling files in the correct format and automated handling of appropriate filenames.

“The usability of OpenText is better than the systems we had before, in terms of being able to view a lot of thumbnails and zoom in and zoom out to look at the metadata–it’s a lot more flexible,” said Chamberlain.

The simplicity of the system helps M&S ensure assets can be approved and put live on the website as quickly as possible, which is a key target. It is also straightforward to manage access to the system for external suppliers and agencies–they can then drag and drop files to a ‘hot folder.’

OpenText has helped M&S to avoid unnecessary asset recreation. Users can quickly locate assets and make any required changes within the OpenText system, without going back to the originator and starting the process again. This speeds up publication and prevents unnecessary expenditure.

In addition to products being sold, M&S uses the OpenText system to provide images for customer service, to help them deal with customer enquiries or warranty claims. The system also integrates with M&S’s product lifecycle management (PLM) system, providing images to the PLM that helps plan new ranges and products.

“We handled the integration with the PLM ourselves, with help from an OpenText consultant,” said Chamberlain. We have been happy with OpenText Professional Services: they provide good support and their consultants are impressive–and readily available when we need help.”

M&S has recently upgraded to v16 of Media Management, ensuring it benefits from the latest system features, as well as compatibility with the Oracle Database 12c it uses.

"After the upgrade to Media Management v16, we sent out a questionnaire, and 98 percent of users gave it a positive rating,” said Beth Cross, product owner at Marks & Spencer. “The user interface is so clear and intuitive, it really helps our users get our assets to the website in the shortest time from when we shoot them in the studio.”

“For example, the widget functionality allows our content managers to personalize and amend their home screen, to see the information that’s most appropriate to them.”

The OpenText system has been in place for about five years and M&S is looking for where it can achieve further process efficiency improvements, as well as bringing in other areas of the business– for example it has started transferring all its marketing videos to the system. M&S also expects more people to access the OpenText system on iPad® s and other mobile devices, with the new user interface of v16 improving usability.

For all the assets which go through OpenText, we use an approval process so it performs a vital task and we’re fully dependent on it,” said Cross. “In the year I’ve looked after the system here, we’ve never had a problem that we couldn’t resolve internally or with the assistance of OpenText Professional Services.”

About Marks & Spencer

Founded in 1884, Marks & Spencer (M&S) has grown into an international, multi-channel retailer, with nearly 1,000 stores in the UK only. The company sells clothing, home products, and food sourced from 3,000 global suppliers, with 85,000 employees. Its website alone,, receives 8.3 million visits each week.