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What’s the ROI of your enterprise archiving?

Just a decade ago, archive architectures were able to handle the amount of data generated by emails and files with ease. But as email volumes grow—predicted to exceed 143 billion by 2016—and as enterprise data creation and consumption soars—expected to exceed 40 zetabytes by 2020—organizations are faced with increased costs and risks when managing and storing digital content.

As spending on information governance programs increases to keep pace with the information explosion, new Enterprise Archiving strategies are needed to ensure content is being managed appropriately and holistically, according to policy. What factors should you consider when deriving return on investment from your Enterprise Archiving methodologies? What questions should you ask to determine cost savings and benefits?

The new executive brief, Achieving ROI from Your Enterprise Archiving, explores the factors that define archiving methodologies, legal and organizational compliance, and cloud solutions returns on investment.

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  • The 23 questions to ask when determining the ROI from your Enterprise Archiving strategies
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  • The importance of meeting the intensifying pressure for legal and organizational compliance

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Achieving ROI from Your Enterprise Archiving