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Unlock the Intelligence Stored in Your Supply Chain

Tap into Deep Supply Chain Intelligence with Analytics

Embedded analytics is one of the essential features of OpenText™ Business Network Release 16. Organizations leverage analytics to benefit from deeper insight so they can make better informed decisions in every aspect of their business. Supply chains are no exception.

Going forward, supply chains won’t be limited to simply facilitating integration and automation; they will become the source of deep supply chain intelligence and trading partner collaboration. The driving force behind this transformation is embedded analytics. Read the report to learn why.

Extracting supply chain insight through advanced analytics gives you and your trading partners a better understanding of current capabilities and the visibility needed to quickly adjust strategies. The ability to make informed decisions to improve your business is an essential component of digital transformation.

“Business networks will gradually become ecosystems based on deep partnerships and a shared value generation process. The more the data and information feed the process, the more advanced and adaptable analytics will be needed.”


Read the IDC report, Unlock the Value of Your Supply Chain Through Embedded Analytics, to learn how extracting insights with supply chain analytics can benefit your organization.

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Unlock the Value of Your Supply Chain Through Embedded Analytics