Put information at the heart of your digital transformation strategy

Embrace BPM for Enterprise Digitization

Business requirements are changing faster than ever. The instantaneous nature of today’s world means companies can no longer afford any lag time in implementing new processes or updating old ones.

To keep up with competitors, leading organizations are transforming themselves into digital enterprises. This requires a dramatic shift in the perception of the organization—its physical, logical, and digital assets—to put information at the heart of the digital transformation strategy.

OpenText Process Suite powers this perspective by virtualizing physical and logical assets into digital representations of these entities called digital objects, which can then be modeled, associated, and assigned tasks, and can also produce information, complete work, and exchange information with each other. OpenText’s out-of-the-box Process Suite solutions include Cloud Service Brokerage, which enables digital transformation for customer and employee engagement with digitized delivery of cloud services.

Download the white paper, The Digital Enterprise Challenge: An Information-Centric Strategy for Digital Transformation, to discover the value of digital objects and learn how an information-centric strategy for the digital enterprise can transform your business operations.

Opentext process suite empowers organizations to improve their performance in:

  • Engagement: Unifying and responsive interfaces meet the needs of digital customers, employees, and partners, on any device
  • Collaboration: The Process Component Library powers collaborative decision making with shared workspaces, personalized interfaces, and enhanced social capabilities
  • Information: Process Suite marries process and information to not only enhance the performance of case management workflows, but also reduce the costs and time to deploy solutions
  • Integration: Easily develop solutions that interface with existing systems and data stores by using Process Suite's integration-centric platform

More about Business Process Management (BPM):

Download the White Paper

The Digital Enterprise Challenge: An Information-Centric Strategy for Digital Transformation