Digital Transformation in Manufacturing – New Industry Survey

Digital Transformation - Where is Manufacturing on the Journey?

Digital disruption is having an impact on manufacturing companies today. Many are prepared and have put plans in place over the past two years to take advantage of digital disruption. Indeed, digital transformation is now a key priority for 80% of manufacturers, according to a survey undertaken by Sapio Research on behalf of OpenText™.

However, while recognition is strong, in reality organizations have a long way to go to realize their digital transformation objectives. Less than one third have complete alignment between business strategy and digital transformation plans. While companies report improved decision making, connectivity and productivity, supply chain efficiency and demand forecasting objectives are yet to be attained.

Read this insightful new report, Digital Transformation in Manufacturing, which provides a snapshot of the current level of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 implementations across the UK and Nordic manufacturing sectors. The report also highlights the key impediments facing organizations attempting to implement these technologies to counteract the impact of digital disruption.

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Digital Transformation - Where is manufacturing on the journey? graphic

Digital Transformation - Where is manufacturing on the journey?