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Make your supply chain greener today

The win-win of a green supply chain

Your supply chain is the engine that drives your business. Unfortunately, the processes behind your supply chain can also generate considerable greenhouse gases that harm the environment. With studies showing companies worldwide citing environmental sustainability as a high priority1, enabling a greener supply can help you get there.

Green supply chains are both the right and the smart thing to do. No business can afford the costs and reputational harm caused by non-compliance with environmental regulations. In fact, reports also show risk mitigation as the primary driver for 73 percent of responding investors considering sustainability issues.2

Make your supply chain greener today

Increasing automated electronic transactions can help your supply chain go green. In addition to bringing cost savings from productivity benefits, it reduces the carbon footprint.

How do you go green? Start by watching the webinar, How Digital Supply Chains Enable More Sustainable Business Environments. You’ll learn:

  • The most common supply chain inefficiencies that harm our environment and how to address them.
  • The numerous direct and indirect benefits of automation and cloud-based business networks.
  • How OpenText processes more than 24 billion electronic transactions a year for its customers, reducing greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 99,033 cars annually.
  • Which real-world enterprises are digitizing their paper-based processes and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Build a greener supply chain to reduce costs, enhance brand image and attract even more customers. Watch the webinar to start planning for a greener supply chain today.


Create a green supply chain

Learn how to enable a greener, more efficient supply chain via automation and cloud-based business networks.

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