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Maintain information security and privacy with cross-border data protection

Stay one step ahead of attacks with innovative risk management solutions

In today’s global digital world, cross-border data flows have grown 45 times since 2005 and are projected to grow an additional 9 times larger by 2020.1 For most enterprises, securing all those data flows is a tricky business:

130 Average number of security breaches each year
27.4% net increase in average annual number of security breaches

A company's livelihood depends on how effectively it can maintain compliance, optimize risk management and use root cause analysis to detect threats. How can companies stay one step ahead of a potential data breach?

Start with an endpoint detection and response strategy

Read the white paper, Cross-border Data Privacy in Focus, and learn:

  • Why a cross-border data privacy strategy is essential to security planning and to regulatory compliance
  • How to overcome the challenges of data protection across borders
  • How endpoint security and risk management software can help you identify/categorize sensitive data, detect threats and uncover root solutions
  • 3 essentials of complete endpoint security solutions to achieve risk management and compliance
  • The top data privacy regulations to consider, such as the EU–U.S. Privacy Shield and the GDPR, when developing a cross-border data protection/risk management strategy

Ease your security worries with solutions that protect your data no matter where it flows. Read the white paper today.


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  • 2 Ponemon Institute, “2017 Cost of Cyber Crime Study,” June 2017.
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Cross Border Data Privacy in Focus

Read the white paper

Learn why a cross-border data privacy strategy should be an essential part of your security planning.

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