Conquer security risks

Safeguard your data with information governance

IDC reports that the volume of digital data will surge to a trillion gigabytes by 2025.1 That’s 10 times the 16.1 zettabytes of data generated in 2016.2 And any missteps securing or managing that data can destroy your bottom line, not to mention your reputation and brand image.

The cost of a data breach is $3.62 million US3—money you could invest back in your business. So why take the risk?

Safeguard your data today

For many enterprises, the data onslaught is simply too much to manage. Information governance (IG) helps secure your data and it also turns your data into value, slashing the time and cost of neutralizing data breaches and maintaining compliance.

Read the white paper, 5 Steps to Jumpstart Your Information Governance Initiative, to learn:

  • 5 foolproof steps for kicking off your information governance initiatives
  • The IT, security, compliance and business benefits of IG
  • A framework for building an IG business case and aligning your resources for success

Dropping the ball on security can have disastrous consequences. Safeguard your data—read the white paper today.

Shield your data from threats

Protecting your sensitive data beyond the perimeter
De-risk your data security threats

Learn how data loss prevention can help you protect your sensitive data beyond the perimeter.

Cross Border Data Privacy in Focus
Optimize your endpoint security

Discover why a cross-border data privacy strategy should be an essential part of your security planning.

Secure to enterprise information with identity and access management
Control data access with IAM

Ensure the right people have the right level of access to your data at the right time.

  • 1 IDC white paper sponsored by Seagate Research,“Data Age 2025,” April 2017.
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  • 3 Ponemon Institute, “2017 Cost of a Data Breach Study,” June 2017.
5 Steps to Jumpstart your Information Governance Initiative

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Avoid the data breach. Get 5 foolproof steps for kicking off your information governance initiatives

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