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How you approach digital faxing can have a big impact on your organization’s success in the digital world. An enterprise fax solution that implements compliance and security, enables information governance, and boosts productivity can help you on your transformation journey. Whether you choose an on-premises solution with RightFax, a cloud-based faxing service with Fax2Mail, or hybrid fax with RightFax Connect, our enterprise fax offerings put you on the road to digital transformation.

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A centralized fax server solution that provides a foundational platform for secure faxing capabilities across an organization.

 OpenText RightFax
 OpenText RightFax Connect


A cloud-based faxing service for sending and receiving faxes as electronic messages directly from existing email accounts.

 OpenText Fax2Mail
 OpenText Fax2Mail Analytics

RightFax Managed Services

An enterprise-grade fax server solution for centralized, secure faxing managed by the experts at OpenText with RightFax Managed Services.

 OpenText RightFax Managed Services

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