Improving Business Outcomes in Manufacturing with Leading-Edge Analytics

Empower Your Business Users – Live Demo

Last year, business intelligence pulled ahead of ERP as the biggest technology priority for manufacturers. In a global economy, manufacturers face constant pressure on price, quality and speed; but forward-thinking organizations know that it isn’t enough simply to automate production lines and back-office operations that generate databases full of static information. Analytics can provide the crucial competitive edge by finding the insights in all that information and identifying inefficiencies in operations.

Download a live demo and learn how OpenText™ Analytics Suite can smarten up your manufacturing operations. Beyond our easy-to-read dashboards and reports, our self-service analytics can empower your business users to freely add, blend, and explore data sources and look for their own answers on a self-service basis, or set up actionable alerts. No data scientists needed!

Watch our demo to learn:

  • A bird’s-eye view of economic, social and technological trends affecting manufacturing
  • Present use cases and real-world success stories from our customers
  • The product across a variety of scenarios
  • The power and ease of use that are hallmarks of OpenText Analytics applications for manufacturing

Featured Speakers

Mark Gamble
Brian Combs

Mark Gamble, OpenText
Senior Director Technical Marketing – Analytics

Brian Combs, OpenText
Senior Market Analyst - Analytics

Download the Demo Video Improving Business Outcomes in Manufacturing with Leading-Edge Analytics

Duration: 30 mins