Maintain Productivity for Remote Workers While Centralizing the Data Center

In certain fields such as electronic design automation (EDA), engineers use data-intensive applications that run on UNIX™ servers. Being close to the servers – for example, in the same building – allows these applications to run on LANs, which provide excellent performance. But moving the servers thousands of miles away to a regional datacenter can create serious performance degradation and reduce the efficiency of your workforce.

Sudden disconnects and session crashes are another significant problem when applications run remotely. When a multi-day Simulation is disrupted by a session disconnect, for example, it can be a huge setback.

Learn more about OpenText™ Exceed™ TurboX

OpenText™ Exceed™ TurboX (ETX) is an extremely fast and secure remote-access solution that provides a user experience comparable to accessing applications locally. The ETX session proxy is designed to be very stable, enabling users to run the same session for months without interruption. In addition, sessions are automatically suspended when you lose your network connection, ensuring that you don’t also lose your work.

With ETX, all employees can:

  • Experience outstanding performance over the WAN or LAN
  • Collaborate in real time through shared sessions and pass control of the keyboard and mouse to other users
  • Move desktop sessions freely between locations and devices
  • Suspend and resume sessions, with automatic session suspend in case of network interruption
  • Eliminate problems such as data loss and downtime caused by failure of end user hardware
  • Run remote sessions for months or years at a time without disconnects or crashes

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