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Enabling the Virtual Enterprise

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OpenText™ Exceed™ TurboX (ETX) is an extremely fast and secure solution for the modern virtual enterprise. It’s built to support a mobile and remote workforce by providing fast, secure, reliable access to the desktop applications and data they need to perform their jobs. Get the free trial.

Watch the short video of how virtual desktop applications can accelerate work performance anytime, anywhere.

Key Benefits:

  • Exceptional responsiveness for high-performance graphical applications such as those found in engineering, oil & gas, financial services and manufacturing industries
  • Increase datacenter density and scalability with NVIDIA GRID vGPU support
  • Reduce WAN bandwidth usage by 90% with the highly efficient ThinX transport protocol
  • Manage server infrastructure, applications, and users from a central web interface
  • Extremely stable sessions with an external session proxy enable you to run simulations for weeks or months at a time without losing work
  • Improve global collaboration with the ability to pass control between users in shared remote sessions
  • Simplify your IT infrastructure by managing your UNIX, Linux and Windows applications from a single virtual platform
  • Provide a single, consistent experience for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and iPad users

Our free trial allows you to install ETX in your data center, quickly configure it, connect a remote access to your computer or device, and within minutes experience the product in a real-world environment.

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