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Training courses and workshops

Maximize the value of your OpenText solutions with an engaging, informative and interactive program of training courses and workshops presented by OpenText experts from July 7-9, 2018.

With best practices on usage, implementation and administration, Enterprise World is the best opportunity to learn about the power of OpenText solutions! Each training attendee will receive their course materials in both printed and eBook formats.

Don't miss the chance to get the most out of your Enterprise World experience. The training program features sessions focused on our product suites and platforms:

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) including eDOCS and Documentum
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM)
  • Microsoft® Solutions
  • SAP® Solutions

For questions on training or for assistance on selecting the best courses for your needs, please contact us at

NOTE: No further changes made to personal agendas on the website will be reflected in the mobile app. You can download the mobile app at to build your agenda and add sessions to your calendar.

Training workshop and course fee schedule

SessionSuper Early Bird (Until Feb. 28, 2018)Early Bird (Mar 1 – Apr 30)Standard Rate (May 1 – July 9 )
1-Day Course or Workshop US$800 US$846 US$995
2-Day Course or Workshop US$1,600 US$1,692 US$1,990
3-Day Course or Workshop US$2,400 US$2,538 US$2,985

Please note: Training courses are not included in your conference registration and training fees are based on the course.

Use OpenText Elite points to attend training

SessionSuper Early Bird
(Until Feb. 28, 2018)
Early Bird
(Mar 1 – Apr 30)
Standard Rate
(May 1 – July 9 )
1-Day Course
or Workshop
1600 Elite Points 1692 Elite Points 1990 Elite Points
800 Elite points
+ US $400
846 Elite points
+ US $423
995 Elite points
+ US $498
2-Day Course
or Workshop
3200 Elite Points 3384 Elite Points 3980 Elite Points
1600 Elite points
+ US $800
1692 Elite points
+ US $846
1990 Elite points
+ US $995
3-Day Course
or Workshop
4800 Elite Points 5076 Elite Points 5970 Elite Points
2400 Elite points
+ US $1,200
2538 Elite points
+ US $1,269
2985 Elite points
+ US $1,493