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Captivate your customers no matter where they are. Compose dynamic omni-channel experiences.

Consumers are spending more time and money online than ever before. Are you able to keep track of your customers as they move from desktop to smartphone to tablet and back again—all in the space of a single day?

Register for the webinar on demand, Keeping Pace with Omni-Channel Consumers. You’ll hear from eMarketer Executive Editor Noah Elkin on how to successfully reach and engage today’s multitasking, multiscreen, always-on consumer.

You’ll learn:

  • The key touchpoints marketers must optimize to reach cross-channel consumers
  • The factors marketers need to consider when connecting with today’s always-shopping consumer throughout what has become an ongoing purchase cycle
  • The steps marketers can take to make the customer experience seamless across different devices and physical environments

Featured Speakers:

Noah Elkin
Executive Editor

Marci Maddox
Senior Director of Customer Experience Management Solutions


Register for the Webinar on Demand

Keeping Pace with Omni-Channel Consumers