Enterprise Challenge #87 — We need to streamline our processes. Complexity is crushing my team.

Internal business processes are often disconnected from an organization’s drive to deliver outstanding customer experiences, with business process management (BPM) efforts focused on targeting core processes for operational efficiency and effectiveness. As digital transformation causes shifts in BPM, early adopters will see higher returns on investment from more complex, customer-centric processes—with those returns continuing well into the future.

DCG ThumbnailTackle Complex Processes with Dynamic BPM Suites and Business-Ready Apps, a report from Digital Clarity Group Inc., takes a deep dive into how BPM is changing to increase efficiency and improve customer engagement to transform organizations in the digital world.




Read the full report to learn:

  • How to integrate operational and customer experience processes
  • How BPM is becoming adaptive and dynamic
  • Why BPM functionality is expanding
  • How new business-ready apps address specific functions


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