Enterprise Challenge #47

Boost Sales and Efficiency with xECM and Salesforce

Your enterprise teams may think they are fully in sync. But if the content that powers their business processes is sitting in application silos, they aren’t. These silos make for disconnected and underutilized information. They prevent your employees from having clear, real-time visibility across key functions, business transactions, and customer experiences.

What if you could bridge that gap and extend enterprise content management (ECM) to connect to key applications? Take Salesforce® for example – you could increase its value by simplifying the management of critical documents and improve sales processes by fueling them with timely and relevant information.

Extended ECM (xECM) boosts the benefits of Salesforce. It makes your users more productive and effective by helping them to deliver the right content to teammates, customers and prospects at the right time.

Read the white paper written by Madison Logic, Open Up to the Possibilities - Get the Most out of Salesforce by Extending ECM, and learn how to build stronger relationships and improve the overall experience.

Take a look at the benefits of xECM and the 9 reasons to
optimize Salesforce

Read the White Paper

Open Up to the Possibilities - Get the Most out of Salesforce by Extending ECM