Organizations are struggling to meet GDPR compliance

Enterprise Challenge #24 - Changes to
data privacy laws are rushing in.
We’re not ready.

GDPR Misconceptions vs. GDPR Readiness

Data privacy laws have been streaming in for years. But what’s been called the most sweeping reform to European privacy and data protection legislation ever is coming. Time to prepare!

What’s at stake? The European Union (EU)’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will impose greater control over EU citizens’ personal data and force all global organizations to significantly change the way they handle that data. Penalties for non-compliance will run high.

However, this looming mandate can also be an opportunity to gain competitive advantage with a winning strategy. Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions help control the acquisition, protection, retention, and disposal of personal information. With them organizations can be well-poised to ensure compliance as well as increase efficiency and customer loyalty.

Get a foothold on the GDPR. Watch this video to learn:

  • New insights into GDPR provisions and customer expectations about data use
  • How organizations can seize opportunities for competitive advantage under the GDPR
  • Tools for starting critical discussions with partners and internal stakeholders

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Featured Speakers:

Tim Walters

Tim Walters, Ph.D.
Principal Analyst
Digital Clarity Group

Janet de Guzman

Janet de Guzman
Director, Compliance Group



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New EU Data Policies Will Transform Business Practices across the Organization: Get Ready for the GDPR