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ON DIGITAL: A Small Book on a BIG Idea

Digitalization has the power to shatter entire industries and displace market leaders—or it can be a force for innovation and introducing new business models. Because digitalization can have such a profound effect, it has become critical to keep up with competitors in this increasingly fast-moving digital world. “It is Digital or Die,” Mark Barrenechea writes in his book, ON DIGITAL. “Standing still is always the riskiest action to take—you are an easy target. Change is always the safer path.” Download the book to learn how to get ahead with Digital.

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Watch these short videos on key disruptors described in the book. 

New Barbarians
It Only Takes a Finger
Trust and Security

To be a digital leader, you must get ahead of the game. It’s important to identify the opportunities for digital transformation, think and act in entrepreneurial ways, and “shake the shackles of legacy to move forward.”

Mark Barrenechea has himself become a proven digital leader, with 30 years in the industry (from start-up developer in a garage in Silicon Valley to Results-Oriented CEO of the year in 2015). In this small book with big ideas, he shares his vision of the digital world.

Read ON DIGITAL to answer key questions about digital transformation:

  • Why is hyperscale so important?
  • What role will Millennials play?
  • How will digital help on the customer journey?
  • What role will the supply chain play?
  • Where does data fit in?
  • What’s next?

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