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Phone Homepage: New Livelink OnTime Support for AT&T PocketNet Service Expands Mobile Professionals' Group Scheduling Capabilities

San Francisco, CA – 1997-12-8 – If ET the Extra Terrestrial had left home with Livelink OnTime group scheduling software, AT&T's PocketNet service and a Powered-by UP(tm) cell phone, it would have been easier for him to know what time his [space] ship was coming in. But mere earthbound mobile professionals can use these tools to easily keep tabs on their real-time calendar information from anywhere at any time. Mobile professionals now have wireless access to expanded group scheduling capabilities as Open Text's Livelink OnTime offers support for AT&T PocketNet service, Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) technology and Handheld Device Markup Language (HDML). Livelink OnTime lets users with AT&T PocketNet service and specially equipped cellular phones that support the Unwired Planet(tm) HDML browser access Livelink OnTime through the Internet when regular connections are not available.

Livelink OnTime's new wireless features preview this week at Internet World in Booth No. 4172. To access Livelink OnTime, AT&T PocketNet service subscribers use their Powered-by UP(tm) cellular phones to select the URL for the Livelink OnTime server. Livelink OnTime Web Edition software will convert real time scheduling data into HDML that is displayed on the phone's screen in Unwired Planet's UP.Browser(tm). AT&T's service uses CDPD, a standard for wireless data communication across cellular telephone networks. CDPD supports the Internet Protocol (IP), which allows users to access Net information and applications. HDML is an open markup language optimized for interactive Web access from wireless handheld devices that use Unwired Planet browsers.

Livelink OnTime's wireless capability is the latest in a line of leading-edge products and technology that insure users can manage scheduling tasks from anywhere at any time. Livelink OnTime was the first group scheduler to deliver client/server architecture, TCP/IP and Web technology to broaden access within enterprise computing environments. New technology in 1998 will maintain Open Text's leadership role in this market.

Users will get Livelink OnTime's wireless feature at no additional charge. This technology will be seamlessly integrated with Livelink OnTime, and does not require additional configuration by network administrators. Livelink OnTime comes bundled with AT&T WorldNet (sm) Service, the largest direct Internet service provider in the U.S., so users can immediately set up with an Internet service provider if they need one.