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PO First Policy

What is PO First Policy?

OpenText’s PO First Policy requires suppliers to obtain a purchase order (“PO”) prior to delivery of goods or services and to reference the PO number in all related paperwork, such as invoices, packing slips or proof of delivery documents.

How the PO First Policy benefits you?

  • Faster Payment – Each PO is issued after an internal approval process so there is no further approval required after an invoice is received aside from confirmation of delivery of the goods or services.
  • Supplier Relationship – the PO First Policy encourages business to be conducted in a fair and transparent manner that reduces disputes and encourages long-term and mutually-profitable relationships.

Who will receive the PO?

Suppliers should ensure they have provided OpenText™ with the appropriate email address to issue the PO.

What will happen after OpenText receives an invoice without referencing a PO?

OpenText cannot process an invoice that doesn’t reference a PO. If an invoice is received without a valid PO number, we will contact the supplier to request an updated invoice that includes a PO number.

To avoid the risk of delayed payment and cost of re-invoicing, please ensure that you obtain a PO prior to beginning any work and reference a valid PO on all of your invoices.

Please contact with any questions.