3-7624 Extended ECM PowerDocs Business Administration

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Duration: 1 day

Whether an organization needs to produce a single customer service email or millions of personalized sales letters, OpenText Extended ECM PowerDocs helps rapidly synthesize relevant business data and content into compelling written communications, all from within your familiar customer relationship management (CRM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) environment.

This course has been designed for PowerDocs business administrators.

During the course you will learn how to modify the Business Model and how to create and modify business objects. Coverage of the creation of formatters and different types of processes and how to associate them to templates and other objects is also included. Additionally, you will learn how to create exports of application data and how to import it in a target system.

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the scope of use of the Extended ECM PowerDocs product
  • Identify the different product interfaces
  • Describe the functionality of Content Manager
  • Identify and describe the use of the different Content Manager workspaces
  • Describe the functionality of the Content Designer interface
  • Identify and describe the use of the different Content Designer areas
  • Describe the use of Business objects
  • Describe the structure of a Business object and how it relates to a business model
  • Identify the system Business objects
  • Describe what Partner Systems are
  • Identify how a data XML file is mapped to a Business object
  • Describe the use of Scripts
  • Identify some used cases where scripts can be used
  • Crete a Date formatter
  • Describe the use of Processes
  • Describe what the Process Integration Engine (PIE) is
  • Enumerate and describe the elements that make up the PIE
  • Create a Process and used it with a template
  • Describe the use of Transports
  • Identify the source and target for a transport
  • Describe the workflow when working with transports
  • Identify what components can be added to an Export
  • Create an Export Transport package
  • Import an Export Transport package
  • Generate a dbexport


    Business Administrators


  • 2-7621 – Designing Documents with Extended ECM PowerDocs
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