1-7610 Designing Communications with Exstream Designer On Demand

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Duration: 5 days

This course provides a high-level overview of the OpenText Exstream Cloud Edition platform. During this course, you will learn how Exstream provides an integrated software solution for creating, managing and delivering customer communications of any type, regardless of complexity, variability, or delivery channel, and enables you to eliminate many systems and point solutions by using the comprehensive omnichannel delivery capabilities of the platform.

In a Design and Production installation, Design Manager and Designer form the Window-based desktop design environment that is used to design and set up customer communications in the form of Design Manager applications. In this course you will focus mainly on using these Design and Production tools which offer robust capabilities for reducing complexity, streamlining business processes, and creating higher quality, more effective customer communications for delivery in high-volume, on-demand, and interactive environments using Design Manager and Designer with the Exstream production engine.

In this course you will learn how to streamline business processes with end-toend processing of documents—from content ingestion through composition to output. Sophisticated capabilities such as campaign management, data-driven charting, multi-language support, and more help you acquire, retain, and grow customer relationships. You will learn to use Design Manager to compile applications and to configure test and production engine runs for delivering communications to customers.

The course is designed using a scenario-based approach to create hands-on experiences through the application development process within Exstream, including the following:

  • Creating personalized customer correspondence
  • Designing communications for online delivery
  • Targeting legal and marketing content
  • Assembling documents dynamically
  • Creating interactive forms for collecting data
  • Debug and test applications and different components

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Make full use of the Exstream Designer application
  • Be familiar with the Exstream Design Manager application and the Exstream Library
  • Create an application
  • Package an application and generate output
  • Personalize documents with variable data
  • Use paper types, templates and style sheets
  • Use container designs for online delivery
  • Use tables and charts
  • Use effectivity and jurisdictions
  • Use targeted marketing campaigns
  • Design for multiple languages
  • Add indexes, cross-references and tables of contents to documents
  • Assemble documents dynamically

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