1-0185 Collaborating in Content Server On Demand

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Duration: 2 days

This course provides you with the knowledge necessary to collaborate with your team members using the Smart UI in Content Server, and the Classic UI where needed. It provides a thorough understanding of the various collaboration tools you have available to share, distribute, and manage information in your organization.

You will learn how you can manage your organization’s business processes using workflows, work with adding reminders for folders and/or documents to send automated email messages as alerts, and learn how to customize your Content Server view and appearance to better suit your team environment.

You will discover perspectives for changing the look and content of particular pages in the Smart UI, and work with Pulse which provides a real time activity feed of what is happening within Content Server. Classifications is another way of organizing, browsing, and searching your Content Server items.

You will continue on with learning about wikis, how discussions are a great way to share information, and polls can help you to take a quick survey of a group’s viewpoint. Task lists is another tool to help you with your “things-to-do” action lists. You will also discover how you can use channels to broadcast information to your organization.

By the end of this course, you will be able to use the collaboration tools you have learned to create a Project Workspace for a specific project so that you can collaborate with your team members.


  • Initiate and manage work processes
  • Customize the look and content of your team environment
  • Use the various collaboration tools
  • Set up projects

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Configure general and specific notifications
  • Use a workflow
  • Reassign a workflow task
  • Process the workflow steps
  • Create a reminder
  • Add comments in Pulse
  • Follow a colleague in Pulse
  • Edit your Pulse profile
  • Assign a classification to documents and folders
  • Create a wiki
  • Add a page and sidebar to a wiki
  • Modify the UI Perspective for a Landing page or container in the Smart UI
  • Create a discussion, channel, task list and poll
  • Set up a project
  • Configure the project overview page
  • Set up project notification reports
  • Configure project template
  • Modify a folder presentation
  • Customize columns
  • Create custom views
  • Customize Search Forms


Business User, Business Analyst, Business Administrator, Administrator, Developer



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