1-7615 Designing Documents with OpenText Exstream Empower

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Duration: 2 days

Maintaining customer satisfaction and strengthening customer loyalty are chief concerns among business executives. One of the best ways to foster customer relationships is to keep conversations interesting and engaging. With the Designing Documents for OpenText Exstream Empower course participants will learn how to design and create fully interactive documents so that business users can quickly and easily personalize customer communications via a responsive, browser-based interface.

In this course, students will learn the tools and skills to create interactive Empower documents in OpenText Exstream Design and Production for end users to edit in Empower Editor, for a controlled editing experience. Once the user has completed the desired changes, the Empower documents can be incorporated into a traditional production workflow and use the OpenText Exstream production engine to fulfill the document.

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the functionality scope of OpenText Exstream
  • Describe the Exstream platform
  • Identify the components that comprise the OpenText Extream platform
  • Describe the Exstream Interactive Document solution
  • Describe the Empower Server Console functionality
  • Describe the Empower Editor functionality
  • Identify editable areas in an Empower document
  • Describe how formatting is inherited
  • Identify basic input controls
  • Add basic interactive features to Empower documents
  • Create a fulfillment application
  • Edit an Empower document
  • Change the application display title
  • Display page names
  • Allow users to insert variables in editable areas
  • Use advanced controls
  • Allow Users to add external PDF documents


  • Business Users



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Per Student at OpenText Site USD 1,800.00

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