1-7612 Designing Communications for Exstream Content Author

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Duration: 2 Days

In this course, participants will learn how to use OpenText Exstream Content Author to enable non- technical users to create communications, letters and emails or modify messages within communications, without help from the IT department. This allows the people who know the content best to respond to customer demands and market changes in real time.

Designed for non-technical business users, its tight integration with Exstream allows content changes to be applied without re-packaging. Through the Exstream repository for managing all content design assets, students will learn how to share content they create – text and graphic messages and clauses – leverage stored content and keep track of versions. Students will easily preview changes and edits in real time to see how the message will look in the context of the communication, allowing even faster time to market.

Participants will go through the process of designing a communication in Exstream Designer using and enabling the features required by OpenText Exstream Content Author.

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the OpenText Exstream platform and its architecture
  • Use Exstream Design Manager to create and organize the design objects needed to produce a Content Author enabled application
  • Use Exstream Designer features to enable communications for Content Author use
  • Use Communications Builder to create and manage Communications Server projects
  • Export and deploy Projects
  • Create project package releases
  • Use Control Center to manage and run Exstream applications based on designs created with Exstream Designer
  • Use WorkShop to manage resources stored in CAS
  • Use Content Author to update designs that you create in Design and Production and produce personalized documents

Delivery Options:


  • Business user


  • Knowledge of OpenText Exstream Design Manager, OpenText Exstream Designer, OpenText Exstream Comunications Builder and OpenText Exstream Control Center is desired.


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Per Student at OpenText Site € - Germany 1,400.00
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Per Student at OpenText Site USD 1,800.00

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