1-0184 Managing Documents in Content Server On Demand

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Duration: 3 days

This course provides you with the knowledge necessary to manage your organization's information in Content Server. This course is designed as the foundation of all the OpenText Content Server courses. Through the Smart UI it provides an understanding of the document management functionality, such as adding/accessing documents, reserving, downloading, copying/moving, sharing through email, and deleting documents.

Continuing with the Smart UI interface to help organize and find the documents easier, you will mark items as favorites, build collections, use shortcuts, and create virtual folders. You will learn to use search tools, and find information using metadata, such as categories and attributes. You will explore the permissions for document management items from the Smart UI.

To further manage your documents using the Classic UI, you will work with compound documents, emails, the advanced searching functionality, and explore users and groups to set group leaders for facilitating group management and configure the editor group settings. To customize your environment further you will be customizing columns and facets, configuring the Content Filter sidebar, managing your Personal Workspace, and editing your user profile.

Additionally, Enterprise Connect, the desktop interface, will be used to add, access, and search for the documents. You will also work with briefcases allowing you to download documents from Enterprise Connect to work with them on a local file system that does not have Enterprise Connect installed. By the end of this course, you will be managing your information using the various interfaces of the Smart UI, Classic UI, and Enterprise Connect.


  • Navigate Content Server by utilizing the various Content Server tools
  • Manage documents by adding, editing, versioning, and deleting them in the Smart UI and Classic UI based on your document permissions
  • Find information using collections, shortcuts, versions, and generations
  • Personalize your user environment

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Navigate throughout Content Server in the Smart UI and Classic UI
  • Add folders/documents
  • Add major and minor versions to documents
  • Share items through email
  • Send and view emails using the Zip & Email feature
  • Add emails to a Content Server folder
  • Build a collection
  • Create a category with attributes/attribute sets
  • Apply a category to a folder
  • Create custom columns
  • Create a virtual folder
  • Search for information in Smart UI and Classic UI
  • Create search forms
  • Save search queries
  • Control access to information
  • Assign eDiscovery rights
  • Work with compound documents
  • Apply ACL to items and it sub-items
  • Set a group leader
  • Personalize your user environment
  • Access and work with folders/documents in Enterprise Connect

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  • Familiarity with Windows, a Windows-based word processing package, and a Web browser


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