2-4912 Low-Code Design for AppWorks Platform

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Duration: 4 days

This course will introduce students to low-code development for OpenText AppWorks Platform. They will learn the core concepts of basic entity modeling including topics such as implementing security, deploying low-code solutions to the AppWorks Platform client, and using OpenText Content Server as a content repository. These concepts are embedded in many hands-on exercises.


  • Introduction
  • Identity package
  • Entities and modeling
  • Properties
  • Relationships
  • Lists
  • The AppWorks Platform client
  • User interfaces: forms, layouts, and action bars
  • Rules
  • Auditing a solution: history and tracking
  • Security
  • Email and email templates
  • Collaboration: discussion and sharing
  • Case management: activity flow
  • Case management support


On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe AppWorks Platform and its components
  • Navigate the AppWorks Platform user start page
  • Customize the AppWorks Platform user start page
  • Launch applications in AppWorks Platform
  • Leverage the identity package for user and group management
  • Implement the identity package into a solution
  • Create a collaborative workspace
  • Add entities to a project
  • Quickly model entities with the entity wizard
  • Add building blocks to entities
  • Assemble entity hierarchies
  • Construct relationships between entities
  • Assemble items into lists
  • Build user interfaces with forms, and layouts
  • Develop new home pages and themes
  • Enhance presentation with title and action bar
  • Deploy entity-based solutions for the AppWorks Platform client
  • Develop rules with expression language
  • Apply fine-grained security to entities
  • Attach case management with activity flow
  • Add files and content to entities with OpenText Content Server as a document repository
  • Send email and save attachments to the document repository
  • Wrap an entity as a web service
  • Generate low-code “find” messages for web services

Delivery Options:


  • Business Analyst, Administrator, Developer


  • None


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Per Student at OpenText Site € - Benelux 2,800.00
Per Student at OpenText Site € - Germany 2,800.00
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Per Student at OpenText Site GBP 2,200.00
Per Student at OpenText Site INR 176,000.00
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Per Student at OpenText Site SGD 3,200.00
Per Student at OpenText Site USD 3,600.00
Per Student at OpenText Site ZAR 36,000.00

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Apr 17, 2023 Apr 21, 2023 10:00 (UTC+02:00) Europe/Paris (CEST) Full Day English Virtual Classroom - Europe 2,800.00 EUR Add to cart