4-8206 Captiva Designer 16.6 On Demand

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Duration: 3 days

In this course, students will learn the power and intricacies of Captiva Designer. Labs are presented requiring students to analyze unique process specifications, as they would encounter in a production environment, and create production quality processes.

  • Configuration and execution of the most common batch processing modules, including: ScanPlus, Image Processor, Captiva Completion, Standard OCR, Standard Import, Standard Export
  • Learn about the process design workflow, from CaptureFlow design to deployment and configuration
  • Learn how to install, license, secure, administer, and troubleshoot Captiva InputAccel Server

    On completion of this course, participants should be able to:
    • Perform the process development lifecycle
    • Use Captiva Designer Configuration Tools
    • Design processes for different production-like requirements
    • Using given business requirements, create Captiva Capture processes using CaptureFlow Designer
    • Develop and deploy custom .NET code assemblies for error handling and tree manipulation

    Delivery Options:

    • Instructor-led
      • Private: Email Us for information on how you can arrange a private class.
    • On Demand
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    • Administrators, Developers, and Designers


    • 3-8201 – Captiva Fundamentals and Administration


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